What are the care instructions for your products?  Our blankets are made of 100% cotton flannel.  Our burp cloths are made of 100% cotton flannel on one side and 100% cotton chenille on the other.

All products can be machine washed with like colors on cold/warm, no bleach.  They can be dried in the dryer.  There will be some slight shrinkage because the products are made of 100% cotton.

Laundry Lesson:  Researchers have found that using a laundry detergent that contains Cellulase Enzymes (such as Tide brand detergent) greatly reduces the pilling of cotton flannel fabrics.  On the other hand, the use of liquid fabric softeners INCREASES fabric pilling as well as increased fabric breakage or weakening.  Dryer sheet softeners did not change the pilling of fabric strength in either way.  Therefore, for best results, we recommend washing with Tide or other detergents that contain Cellulase Enzymes and avoiding the use of liquid fabric softeners.

What are the care instructions for your Minky blankets and Minky security blankets?  The minky blankets are completely washable.  Machine wash cold, gentle cycle: dry low.  DO NOT IRON.

What is your return policy:  We stand behind our products.  If you are not 100% satisfied with our products, we will give you a full refund.  We will exchange any defective items.

How do I place an order?  What forms of payment do you accept?  You can place an order online.  Pay securely through PayPal.  You may also contact us at Sales@SweetPeaOriginals.com and we can process your Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit/debit card through our merchant account, Square.


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